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Tulips are the most popular of bulbs, they are an array of brilliant colours and shapes!  If you wanted to plant some at home or on your allotment, plant the bulbs in Autumn to have these beauties pop up in Spring.

Tulips are the third most popular flower world-wide next to Rose and Chrysanthemum.  

The word Tulip is thought to be a corruption of the Turkish word 'tulbend' for turban.  The tulip was introduced by a famous Austrian biologist, Carolus Clusius.  Tulip plants belong to the genus Tulipa.  There are around 100 species of Tulips, which actually came from Central Asia. where they grew wild. 

Classification of Tulips

The following classification of Tulips is based on the time of bloom. Tulips can be divided into early, mid, and late season flowering Tulips.

Early Flowering Tulips: bloom in March and early April. Early Flowering Tulips are Species Tulips, Kaufmanniana (e.g. Waterlily), Fosteriana (e.g. Red Emperor), Single Early(e.g. Apricot Beauty), Double Early, Greigii Tulips etc.

Midseason Flowering Tulips: bloom in April and early May. e.g. Triumph, Swan Wings Tulip, Darwin Hybrids, Parrot Tulips

Late Flowering Tulips: These Tulips bloom in May. e.g. Single Late, Double Late, Viridiflora Tulips, Lily-Flowered, Fringed Tulips, Rembrandt Tulips, Multi-Flowering Tulips.