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Results Day

Congratulation bouquets
A Level Results Day has just passed and GCSE Results Day is
just around the corner! If you’re looking for a congratulations
bouquet, here are some flowers that could be included:

  • Yellow roses are a traditional symbol of friendship.
  • Orange roses convey unyielding energy with enthusiasm, passion and gratitude.
  • Irises are a symbol of hope, courage, faith and admiration – perfect to cheer on or congratulate a friend on a big accomplishment.
  • Peruvian lilies signify friendship and devotion.
  • Heather commonly means good luck, admiration and protection.
  • Gladiolus stand for strength, integrity and infatuation. You may find them in various hues such as pink, purple, red, yellow, green and orange.
  • Tulips most commonly mean deep love, but their colour
    variations have meanings of their own.
  • Yellow tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts.
  • Pink tulips symbolize happiness and confidence

Colours with connotations to happiness
Bright, warm colours such as orange or yellow symbolise
happiness and positivity- these are the perfect colours to
include in a bouquet!

Congratulations/Good Luck Card Messages

Whether you are wishing someone good luck or congratulating
them for their results, include one of these short, but sweet
messages in your next card:

Congratulations! Glad to hear the good news!
Congrats! Keep up the good work.
Wishing you the best of luck with your exam results!
Hope your hard work pays off! Good luck!