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Father's Day

When is Father’s Day?
Father’s Day is on 21 st June 2020.

Why is it celebrated?
Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the
contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of
their children. This day celebrates fatherhood and male
parenting. Although it is celebrated on a variety of dates
worldwide, many countries celebrate this day on the third
Sunday in June.

What countries celebrate Father’s Day?
Most countries celebrate Father’s Day either in March,
September or June. Some Catholic countries celebrate Father’s
Day on March 19 th , St. Joseph’s Day.

How do people celebrate Father’s Day?
Father’s Day is celebrated differently in different countries.
Many people simply try and spend time with their fathers on
Father's Day. On Father's Day, many people also tend to mark
the occasion with cards and gifts. Some people choose to
celebrate the day with a trip out to spend time with their fathers.

How can we celebrate this year?

This year will inevitably de celebrated differently due to COVID-
19. If you’re in the same household, you can have a special
dinner to mark the occasion- although it might be hard to go to
the shops, gifts and cards can still be easily bought online. If
you’re in different households, you can socially distance in the
garden, or see each other over FaceTime or a Zoom call.

What gifts are normally given on Father’s Day?
Food hampers are a great option for Father’s Day. Terrariums
and cacti are available on the Flowers at Moor Street website.