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Autumnal Bouquets

Autumnal Flowers

Autumn 2020 will occur from 22nd September to 21st December. “Autumn” came to English via the Old French “autompne”, meaning autumn. This in turn came from the Latin “autumnus”, also meaning “autumn”. ... Before calling the season “autumn” or “fall” in English, it was called “harvest”.

Types of Autumnal Flowers:

Some autumn/winter blooming flowers are:

· Crocus

· Dahlia

· Nerine

· Sternbergia

· Cyclamen

· Gladiolus

What are autumnal bouquets?

After the brightness and vibrancy of summer, autumn flowers mellow into more earthy tones of amber, crimson and orange to create a beautiful display of colour. Autumn bouquets are used as table displays, corporate displays, and also are used at autumn weddings.

Flowers and colours used in autumnal bouquets:

Dahlias, roses, pepper berries, pomegranate branches, anemones, snowberries and eucalyptus are commonly used in autumn bouquets.

Warm colours such as reds, oranges and yellows are used.

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